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Something new

I’ve started something new. Jukepop is a serial story platform that allows stories to be posted a chapter at a time and allows feedback by readers. I wrote a murder mystery and have just put the first chapter of it up on their site. Now the real thing of it begins. I wait. I wait for comments, and to see if anyone actually looks at it. That is the part that will be interesting. Comments in real time by people reading it will be nice, and may even help improve the writing.

I think this will be a good learning experience. And, perhaps will help with the rest of my stuff that is already out there. That is it the trick. It all is a big web that works together. That is the theme of this year, promotion. So anything I can do to get name out and readers to actually read the stories is a good thing.

So if you have a chance go over to Jukepop and look me up.




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