The end is near

The time is almost gone to finish the words that have pulled me on all year. I’ve gotten down to the next to last day and am just a thousand words short of the total. I was hoping to be done by now, but the discipline of getting up early every morning, even when I don’t want to is good. It keeps me honest about what I really want. I really want to be a writer full time and leave the crazy world of pharmacy behind. But, to do that I have to write and edit and sell.

So this year was about the writing. I’m at just under 364 thousand words. I’ll be just over by the end of this post. That leaves me just a thousand words for tomorrow morning. The last of the year. The interesting thing is that this year I’ve been over ten thousand words ahead and also that far behind, but now it comes down to the last morning needing just that last thousand words.

I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about all of this at the end of the year when I started last January. I’m still not sure how I feel about it. At this point I’m mostly just glad that it is going to be over. I know that the next step awaits and I have plenty to do. I have editing aplenty and have a huge amount of submissions of querys to get ready. The work is not going to let up over the next year, but the work will be different.

I won’t be completely done writing. I have the book I’m working on now to finish. I want to finish the story, but I am only just coming up to the setup for the climax. So I’m guessing something in the 20k word range to finish it up. And I want to keep writing some every day, but nothing like the goal I’ve set for myself for this year. I think the thing that will be best is that there will be more balance over the next year.

The first thing in the new year is going to be figuring out how to track all of it. I need to find an efficient way to track the query process and the response. That is going to take some organization. I think the idea of tracking sheets is good, I just need to become more efficient on how I handle them and have a way to keep up with them. Perhaps just plain ledger sheets. perhaps something else, but keeping the organized by book I think is the best way. So much to do.

The editing is the thing that is going to take up most of the time over the next year. There are currently 3 screenplays and five novels that need attention. That is a lot of edits. And submissions will be right behind.

Look out world. 2016 will be the year I break out. I plan to be on the bestseller list by the end of the year.



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