Well, crap.

I find myself just 4 days from the end of the year and have painted myself into a bit of a corner with the 365K words in 365 days. As of this morning I was over 3000 words behind. This is odd since going into Christmas eve I was still over 800 words ahead of the count. Then the holidays happened and I have been doing other things. And somehow the words don’t happen when those other things are happening. Time marches on and the words weren’t getting typed.

At the start of this post I am 1435 words behind. That isn’t too bad when taken as the total for a whole year, but when the deadline is looming it becomes a bit daunting. There are 4 days left, that means I have to write 1000 words each of those days plus another 350ish to get caught up. I sense it is going to be a fight to the finish to see if I can make it happen.

This year has taught me a great deal about perseverance and the value of hard work done a little at a time. The amount of writing has been staggering when taken as a whole, but each day, the task became easier. Now a thousand words is easy. It is the getting sat down, butt in seat to write that is the hard part. The other hard part is getting anything else with regards to books done in the same amount of time. I have so much editing to do. I have only gotten one book out and that was as independently through Amazon. There are several books and screenplays that need to be worked on and submitted. I need to work on finding an agent who will handle all of them. I need to work on that next year.

So the race is on to finish strong for the year. The total will be a great accomplishment, but it is just a start and not the destination. It is like painting the walls in a room. The furniture and pictures still have to be put into the room to make the painting mean anything other than just a color change. I need to get the words I’ve written, edited, and fixed to the point of publication and get them out there. I have a lot of work to do, but I believe I can make it happen.

Belief is a subject for another post. Perhaps that will be part of the new year as well.



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