So very close

So the 365000 words in 365 days is mostly complete. With this entry I’ll trip over 350000 words for the year and I have about 15 or 16 realistic days for writing left this year. So the possibility of hitting that goal are very much in sight. So what does that really mean and what does the new year bring?

I’ve been pondering this for a while and have decided to take a much different direction next year. At the end of this year I will have three screenplays, and about 6 unpublished novels that all need to find a home. The next year is going to be the year of editing, agent searching, and marketing. The goal for the next year is to get as much of what I’ve written ready for the market and get it sold. Sitting on the things I’ve written as first drafts is not pushing me toward the final goal of writing full time.

The fact I have just so much time to spend requires the making of choices in order to reach any goal. This past year has been spent writing and pushing toward the word goal. That goal is nearly done. Next year brings the excitement of releasing the things I’ve done to the world and opening myself up for criticism. It is frightening and exciting all at once. In an ideal world I’d do nothing but write and then hand the first draft over to someone to finish and market. But, reality doesn’t work that way. I’ve enjoyed this year of writing with abandon, but now the hard work begins. It is this that will make the difference in whether my writing is a hobby or a career.



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