Quarter Million

This last week, September 1st, I passed a quarter million words for the year. 250000 words. That is stunning to me. But at the same time it makes me wonder just what I’d be able to accomplish if I could write full time, instead of just an hour or so a day.
I started this year with the idea of writing a thousand words a day, every day for the whole year. So far I’m ahead of that goal. As of this morning (before this post) I was at 253701 words on day 249. And it had been a lot of work, but not nearly as much as I had anticipated when I set myself the goal. I seem to have found a rhythm with it. I get up every morning about a quarter til 6 to write and edit. I start with editing for about half an hour. Then I write new material. I’ve tried to average about twice as much editing as writing, but that hasn’t always been followed.
I guess the big thing is that I’ve self published one book (Flood Found). I’ve written three other books, all in various stages of edits, and two screenplays. The production is flowing well. Now I just have to get the publishing thing down and get to selling. That of course is a different thing all together.
So looking back at 250000 words I see that I’ve become much more efficient in my writing. I have learned the lesson to leave a seed of something for the next day’s work. It makes it much easier to start before the coffee kicks in.


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