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Something different.

I’ve finished the last novel I was working on and wanted to try something new. So I have begun a screenplay. I’m about 30 pages in and it is going well so far. The style suits my writing somewhat as I see the story unfold like a movie in my mind. The shorter descriptors allow me to move the story faster which is fun. So If you go by the old addage of 1 minute per page, I’m about 30 minutes into the movie and about 30 percent finished. This is the fastest I’ve gotten 30 percent done with any serious writing. Of course this thing may be total crap, but I’m enjoying it as a first fling at the screenplay thing. And the genre is different than anything I’ve written to this point as well. If nothing else it will teach me a few things.

The funny thing is that I’m keeping up easily with the 1000 words a day goal. I’m on day 152 and have 156970 words. I looked at that goal as a real challenge when I started and now that I’m into the groove of it, it is easily doable. The question is what will the goal be next year? How far can I push this. The problem is, and I’ve begun to see the reality of it, that all of this output has to be edited. So off I go to do edits on another piece of writing.



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