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Interesting math.

I just finished the morning’s writing and then did some quick math. I started at 0610 writing and at 0654 I ended with 1099 words on the screen. The total for year is 147,184 words at day 143. I’m still ahead.

Anyway 1099 words in 44 minutes works out to just under 25 words a minute. I’ll take that since I’m actually composing as I go and not just typing. So that works out to about 1500 words an hour. I had once thought that a million words in a year was a ridiculous thing to think about then I started doing the math, first forward then backwards. Going forward, at 1500 words an hour, if I could manage three hours a day that would be about 4500 words a day. If we figure 6 days a week of writing, that ia 27000 words a week. With two weeks off for vacation, that would result in about 1.3 million words in a year. So that makes sense. I decided to work backwards next. So if I took the same approach of two weeks of a year and 6 days a week writing, how many hours a day would I need to write to hit exactly 1 million words in a year. So [(1000000/50)/6]/1500 =2.23 hours. So in just under 2 and a quarte hours a day I could write a million words in a year. This seems reasonable now. At the begninig of the year it did not.

The problem really lies in the time factor. I work 40 hours a week, and have two kid, and wife I love to spend time with. I don’t have two and a quarter hours a day to write. I have about an hour each morning. This is not fair. I could cut back on sleep. But, then I don’t think I’d be much good at the other stuff and the writing would likely be bad. I could cut back on time with family, but that is not an option. I could quit my job and be a full time writer. But wait, then there would be the starving and the living on the street and the divorcing and the lawyers and… that isn’t an option. So I keep writing when I can. I have been getting up at dog-o-clock, which is around sunrise, which in Surprise, AZ is around 515 this time of year. I get a bit extra done this way, but I also have to think about editing…..



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