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One Hundred Thousand and counting!

This morning’s writing has taken me over the 100000 word mark for the year. That is one Hundred thousand on the 98th day of the year. It seems strange that this is not as exciting as I had anticipated. It has become all about the story. Right now I’m trying to figure out what the final form of my current story will be. I think I know but I’m not sure how to get there. That is the funny thing though, I’m not worried about it. There is a good story in it and it will take care of itself. Writing has always been seat of the pants for me and the characters often do things that I do not expect. The first novel I wrote and the first published was totally a surprise ending for me. I didn’t realize the solution to the main question of the story until I actually wrote the words down on the page (I was writing longhand then). It was a surreal experience then, and it has happened several times since. I know there are authors who have to work from an outline, others have a plot synopsis at least in their head going in. For me it is different. I start with an image or a simple idea and just start writing. There is something in my brain that chew the story like a mental cud, in the background and solves the problems without my really thinking about it. I don’t understand it but it works.

So what does 100K mean? I’ve gotten to this point in less than a hundred days. When I started, for contrast, the first 100K words took nearly four years to get down on paper. Since that time I’ve written something along the lines of maybe 600K words. It seems crazy when I think about it. I’ve also hear that a million words is the point at which a writer really finds his or her voice. I figure if that is the case I’ll be close sometime early next year. I have also realized that if I was writing full time and didn’t have the day job, I could easily do a million words in a year. Three thousand words is not that much. I write on average about a thousand words a day in less than an hour. With the freedom of several hours a day instead of my current limit of about 75 minutes a day, that goal would easily succumb.

The future for me is that of a writer. I just don’t know quite what that looks like yet. It may be with something of mine going big and me having the opportunity to be that full time writer. It may be me getting up early every day for the rest of my life and writing because I love it. Either way words are magic and sometimes the magic is even hidden from the magician until he unleashes it.



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Just a little update

Time for a little update. I’ve been continuing to write nearly every day and have taken few breaks. I love the regularity of it, even if I don’t care for the early hour when I get up to do the writing. I’ve gotten a lot accomplished and expect to roll over the 100K mark by the end of the week. It is amazing to me that by the middle of April I will have written more words that I had done in the first three years of serious writing. I would never have put myself in the category of a fast writer, but at this pace I will be easily able to hit the 365 K for the day. I imagine if I could write full time the idea of a Million words in a year would not be out of reach. Of course that assumes something that has not yet materialized, namely the ability to quit my day job as a pharmacist and provide for my family with just my writing. I keep working on that, but nothing yet. I am still working though and without any discouragement. I think I have at least two good stories in first draft. I have another that is ready for final pollish and another submitted to a publisher. I keep working. A screenplay is perhaps next, but that remains to be seen. I have many irons in the fire and not enough hammers. But I keep writing and keep editing to work toward that goal. These words will not write themselves.


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