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The Writer’s Notebook: In Praise of Paper


I read this today and it hit all the right places. I always have little pocket notebook and a pen. The thing when it is full makes no sense to anyone else by me, and that is just fine.

The Writer’s Notebook: In Praise of Paper.


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And, So It Begins.

I’ve started down the rabbit hole. I’m not sure how wise it is but I’ve done it none the less. I’ve decided to get on the 365000 words in a year challenge. That is 1000 words a day, every day. I easily write more than that. The problem is that I also have a backlog of editing I have to take care of. That is the problem. I need to edit. At last count, I have three full novels that need attention and submission and I have to try and fit that in around the writing a thousand words a day.

How will this go. I really do not know. I guess the best way is to just try and keep a running tally and not write the epic number of words each morning that I had done for the month of NanoWriMo. I hit the 50000 easily, with several days of 2500 words. The words to page I don’t think will be the problem. The issue will be the fixing the words and getting them published that will be the problem. And, blogging. I think I want to try and work on developing a web presence. Heaven knows I need help selling books. I’ve got two out there and another ready, but sales are slim. I need to take a three pronged approach to this and make 2015 the year that the tide turns on my career as a writer. I don’t know what things will look like by the end of the year, but I expect to be a few more novels into it and hopefully at least one more publication into my career by year’s end.

Here is to a great year of writing.


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What will the challenge of 2015 be?

The new year brings the question of what to do with writing this year. Last year, I set for myself the goal of 5000 words a week for the writing of new things. When I was writing I met those goals. I did spend a lot of time editing. I looked at the end of 2014 and most of today the first of January 2015, trying to figure out what the devil I’m going to do this year to set myself apart. I tried to look at different things other writers have done and I’ve seen the million words in a year being a possibility. I work 40 hours a week and that simply doesn’t seem like a possibility. I’ve seen on a 365 thousand word in 365 days challenge. I think this is something I can accomplish. When I’m writing, 1000 words in a day is not a problem. During November I was easily doing 2000 words a day.  The question is whether I can do it day after day?

The other part of it is that the writing requires editing. I simply can’t take what I write to a potential market. My first drafts suck. I am aware of this and know that editing is essential. Editing takes time. I feel bad that 2014 had nothing published. NOTHING. Part of that is that I spent too much time writing and not nearly enough editing and submitting. I have to find a balance. The challenge this year has taken shape in my mind as being the combination of 1000 words of new work a day and getting some editing done each day. That is a balance that the first month of the year will show whether I can handle. It is the goal I have set for myself. I will write 365 thousand words this year and get at least one thing published this year. There it is. Maybe a million words will be next year.



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