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I keep on

Since the last time, the rejections continue to trickle in. I’ve lost track of the number, but only one time have I been asked for the full manuscript. They read and rejected it. So I still am tying to be patient, but I think that I may have to revise the query and see if there is some more places to send it. I’m not discouraged, just a little impatient. I was hoping to at least have an agent by now.

That was sort of smacked in my face yesterday. We were watching “Julie and Julia”. At the scene when the main character, who had been cooking through Julia Child’s “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” in a year and blogging about it, got an article about her in the “New York Times”. When she got home on the day of the article, she had dozens of messages from publishers and agents and studios all wanting her to call them about a book, or movie deal. I nearly wept. I have been trying so hard, for so long to try and make it into the big show of major house publishers, that it really struck a chord in me.

Being Mr. Fixit, my mind immediately began to wonder what I could do to get the same kind of attention. I had toyed with the idea of working through the “James Beard Cookbook” and call the project the Jim and James project. But, I realized that it would be totally derivative and would not have the same appeal. I’m not a 30 year old female in New York, living above a pizza place, just trying to get along and who picks up a crazy project on a whim. And, I’ve looked through the cookbook and he cooks brains. I don’t think I could do that. Besides I have a family and other things to think about by which that she was unburdened. I have immense respect for her, but I don’t think that is my path.

So what other things could I maybe do? I’m thinking of maybe doing a Million Words in a Year. I’ve done the math a few times. And I think it is possible. It would be a lot, at over 2700 words a day every day, there is no room for slacking. But I’m routinely writing 5000 or more a week, I think I could punch that up. I often have days where I get 1700 words in the story down, that would leave just over 1000 words somewhere else. And if I do this and decide to blog about it that certainly could be a place where I would put the extra thousand words. It is within the realm of possibility. I’m still thinking about it. It would not begin until November at the earliest. I could perhaps kick it off as part of the Nanowrimo. Maybe even list it as part of their project…… Hmmmm. That would be an interesting platform in which to launch the idea. They have thousands of participants, if I could get them behind me, I might get something actually accomplished. Then again, with those eyes on me it could be a lot of pressure. I want to think about this some more. I have about 3 weeks. Time for more math.

Ill Keep you posted


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