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Away We Go!

Just Launched the Kickestarter for Gilgamesh Shuffle. Check it out at

Here is an excerpt to whet your appetite.


The shuttle lurched. Something was wrong. They were several thousand feet from the ground and the power went out. These shuttles were not designed to glide without power, and in seconds, they were plummeting toward the ground.

“Well this stinks. I’m going to lose the last twenty years. At least they can reboot me from my last backup.” The old man next to Seth said.

The moment before the shuttle became a crumpled mass of metal, surrounded by a giant scorch mark on the rocky plain half a kilometer from the landing pad, Seth looked out the window. He saw the front of a building. In twenty meter high letters he read “FARAWAY INSTITUTE OF IMMORTALITY.”


Seth became aware of things around him slowly, and in small fragments. At first it was an incessant beeping that kept invading his mind. He tried to figure out why he was unable to get up. He wanted more than anything to find the source of the sound and make it stop. But, his mind faded out before he could process it beyond the fact that he wanted the beeping to stop. Next was a light in his eyes that would come and go. The very bright light would alternate with a brief flash of a face. Sometimes it was a man’s face. Other times that of a woman. Seth tried very hard to try and remember who these people were, but after what seemed like a long time thinking about it he decided he had never seen them before. Then his consciousness faded back into oblivion.

Then came the most disturbing things. There was a feeling of things crawling on him. It reminded him of the ants that would get on him when he used to go camping as a boy. But it was not exactly the same as the ants. He wanted to brush at his arms and legs to try and make the feeling stop. He found he was not able to do so. He also found he could not open his eyes by himself either. As this realization set in he heard the beeping again and noticed the pace was faster than he remembered and it seemed to be speeding up. Then there was nothingness again.

He was not sure how long this oblivion lasted but he began to wake up in a way that felt more natural. He was able to open his eyes. As he did, he saw only the light blue of the ceiling and just to the upper edge of his vision there was a screen. Seth was able to identify that as the source of the beeping. He recognized it as a medical monitor and felt a relief that the beeping indicated he was still alive

Seth felt terrible. He felt like he had been out and drank entirely too much of the fermented alcohol not laced with one of the hangover preventatives that one could still get on some of the agricultural worlds. The synthale did not pack this sort of punch. His head was strange feeling, as if he were being squeezed by a tight hat. He tried to put his hand up to feel if there was something there, but could not. He was relieved to feel that he could move the fingers of the hand. At least he no longer felt totally trapped. It was just a feeling of profound weakness. His muscles were very weak, but he was not paralyzed.

He had had the fear that he would be one of those people who was paralyzed and would get fitted with the full exosuit that, with training would move a person almost as if they were not paralyzed. The idea of becoming something of a cyborg bothered him, although he had known a few people who wore these suits and got along fine with them. It was something about the loss of independence that bothered him.

As Seth was thinking about this, a face came into the periphery of his vision. At first the person was just on the edge of sight and Seth was not able to get any real idea of even if it was a man or a woman, let alone what they looked like. Then the face moved in.

The face of a woman came into his vision fully. She was pretty with the appearance of someone who had been born and grown up on a planet or moon with low gravity. She was tall and slender Her eyes were large and far apart. She had high cheekbones and a wide mouth. Her hair was of a shade of red that could not possibly be natural. She smiled at first at him, then she began to speak.

“Ah, Dr. Isaacs, I see you have started waking.” She said. The expression on her face had changed as she leaned a bit closer over him. It became a look of both concern and of warning. She gave an almost imperceptible shake of her head and Seth understood that he should not contradict her. He was not sure what was going on and was still fuzzy enough in his thinking to not try and figure it out.

“I’m sure you won’t be able to talk for a while yet, so just let me do what I need to do and we can talk later.” Again there was the look of command. Seth only responded with a small nod.

That nod sent a wave of pain through his head, doubling the feeling of hang over. This was terrible.

“Let me check your eyes Dr. Isaacs.” She said. She pulled a small light with a magnifying device from her pocket and leaned in close to look into his eye.

As the bright light settled in his eye, he was astonished to see words appear as if floating in space. He saw “We know you are Seth Stevenson. Dr. Isaacs is dead, and we need you to pretend to be him. The universe believes Seth Stevenson is dead in a shuttle crash. We will explain more later. Your life is in danger if you do not go along. Just remain quiet for now.”


If you enjoyed that I hope you back the kickstarter. If you cant back it please share with your friends or anyone you think might be interested.




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And now we wait….

I did the video and have submitted the kickstarter project for review. So now we wait. I’ll post here there and everywhere once it is up and can take backers. Hope that is soon. Thanks in advance to everyone who will  back me.

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All but…..

Well, the Kickstarter is almost finished and ready to launch. All that is left is the video. That is the part that I just don’t know how to do. I guess one long take is the way to do it. I don’t have any video edit skills. But, I’ve seen other fully funded projects that did just that, so it shouldn’t matter.
Now, what to say? Come on Jim, you’re the writer. Sell it man.

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The Next Thing.

I am prepping a Kickstarter protect to try and find the launch of “Gilgamesh Shuffle”. This is the first time I’ve tried this approach. It definitely will be interesting to see how this all plays out. For a long time I was decaying between trying to find an agent and go the traditional publishing route and doing this kickstarter. I had also thought about doing a one man book of the month club thing on Kickstarter but decided that would be to much when I am also working full time at my day job

I would try that if I could do full time writing. But at this time that isn’t a real option. I’m still planning the details of the project, but will be posting more as things solidify. When it is ready I’ll put l up the link. Here goes nothing.

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